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Lyubomir Georgiev - Personal Trainer - Gran Canaria

There are many theories about stretching and it is probably the most controversial topic in the sports world. When, why we have to stretch, does it work or not, etc.

What the current state of knowledge of science says is that the shortening of the muscles is more about the elasticity of the muscles and fascia and also the brain plays a role in it.

Stretching causes new, oxygenated blood to flow, which is like lubricating oil for the fascia and muscles.
If there are not enough nutrients, the fascia stick together and the muscles harden.
Think of it as a rubber band that has lain longer in the sun. It dries and can easily be damaged.

Why does the brain have an aspect in it?
The brain sends signals to your muscles to tense and to relax. In every movement you make, a muscle tenses and relaxes.


1. you spend most of your time sitting?
The brain programs this movement and in another movement it can be caused an injury as the brain is not prepared for it.

2. You are under permanent stress? 
When you are constantly under tension, your brain will not give a signal to the muscles that they can relax. You feel tense.

3. ..Athletes, exercise permanently with heavy weights?
The brain has become accustomed to the fact that the muscles are permanently exposed to a big burden. The brain is prepared for it and does not relax the muscles.

You can counter this by reprogramming your brain by stretching or simply changing your daily movements.

My own experience shows me that stretching helps. I have fixed my problem in the lower back several times with stretching exercises.

Stretching works in the long run. You have to be constant, dedicate time, and it should have priority.


What do you think about stretching, what experience do you have?

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    Marc (Montag, 29 Juli 2019 01:16)

    Great post. I don't do it enough.